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Volume 54, November/December 2019, Number 6 · pp. 346-353


The EU Internal Market and the Transformation of Energy Systems to Sustainability

Erik Gawel, Sebastian Strunz

The vision of a completed internal market occupies a preeminent position within the EU integration project: accordingly, “ensur[ing] the functioning of the energy market” is listed as the first goal in the energy section of the Lisbon Treaty (Article 194, TFEU). A fundamental energy policy challenge, in turn, consists of initiating and fostering the transformation to sustainability. From the EU Commission’s perspective, both internal market agenda and the sustainability transformation mutually benefit from each other. Thus, the so-called ‘Winter Package’, an array of energy policy and governance proposals published by the EU Commission in November 2016 (that is currently nearing implementation) has been subtitled ‘Clean energy for all Europeans’. Following this package, the internal market also advances the EU’s other energy policy aims such as security of energy supply, the promotion of energy efficiency and renewables as well as the promotion of network integration.


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