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Volume 54, May/June 2019, Number 3 · pp. 154-159


Pensions and the Challenges of Adequacy and Sustainability: Irish Citizens’ Voices and Policy Implications

Emer Mulligan

Population ageing has been identified as a major societal challenge for all Western nations, driven by increasing life expectancies and reduced fertility, and occurring at different paces in countries across the EU and OECD. A key challenge for governments arising from such profound changes is in relation to the sustainability of current levels of pension provision. The adequacy of pension incomes has also been at the forefront of policy discussions for many years in many countries. At the EU level, Ireland is among those countries where policymakers have been and continue to be concerned about the adequacy of pensions. What constitutes a decent or acceptable standard of living, however, differs from one country to another. A tension exists between sustainability and adequacy.


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