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Volume 51, January/February 2016, Number 1 · p. 4

Anniversary Issue – Forum

50 Years of European Integration

Fifty years ago, the first issue of Intereconomics was published. In honour of this anniversary, many top European and international economists have contributed papers to this Forum, which looks back on five decades of European integration – from the early days of the European Economic Community to the lingering effects of the recent financial crisis. The contributions also look ahead to what the future holds for the European Union, covering issues as diverse as global trade, the future of the euro, reviving economic growth, the impact of demography and international relations.

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John F Kelly wrote on 14.02.2016, 08:58:

This really is great stuff but it really wants to be put in the hands of PR outfit and explained in terms that 'Joe voter' can understand. Who would fund it you might ask? Try Boris Johnson.

The Institutions really have failed us miserably. The Academic Economists ( as opposed to all those others) threw Labour to the wolves prior to the election, just as the Engineering Inst. allowed the Tories to bastardise the description of an Apprentice. Shame on you! Shame on you!

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