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Figure of the Month

Employed persons with a second job, by gender and occupation in first job (in thousands), EU28, 2002-2016

Source: Labour Force Survey (Eurostat); own calculations.

This figure from Jan Drahokoupil and Agnieszka Piasna’s Forum article Work in the Platform Economy: Beyond Lower Transaction Costs shows the dramatic rise in the number of professionals, technicians and associate professionals with more than one paid job between 2002 and 2016 in the EU28. A substantial share of these second jobs are through the platform economy. Work on platforms is part of a wider trend towards the increasing fragmentation of work. It takes different forms, ranging from short spells of employment with the same employer to moving between different work arrangements to juggling multiple jobs at the same time. In all its forms, it signals a rise in job instability and is often fuelled by insufficient income from one job to cover the cost of living. This is true even for professionals, and the trend is consistent with earlier findings that workers engaged in the platform economy are better skilled and better educated than the average worker in a respective country.